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Expert help in the area of addiction, relationships and mental health 


Restored to New Life Services is a outpatient counseling center that specializes in Mental Health Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy and Substance Abuse, Gambling and Pornography/Sex Addiction along with other compulsive behaviors. Services are offered in a safe, graced filled environment where an authentic connection with a therapist and client is formed. The philosophy of care is to meet client's where they are at, help them navigate through the difficulties of their life and empower them to see positive improvements in their life by offering clinically proven skills and tools that research has shown has helped many in our 20 years of practice. 



To help clients foster lives of fulfillment and meaning by
offering psychotherapy services in a grace-filled environment that are relationally
focused and clinically proven.

A grace filled space 

At Restored our clients experience radical acceptance
rather than judgement. We understand life can be messy, difficult and confusing.
We foster a space for our clients to come as they are and experience the
redemptive value they have.

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